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Sacred Relationships and Sacred Love

Your New Template of Sacred Relationship,   Sacred Sexuality begins with the opening of your Subtle Bodies. 

This is Your Love Story

I am the Premier Master Healer and Teacher to help you.



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Are you new to Twin Flame?

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The Twin Flame is an exact duplicate, of your Etheric Body.  It is this part of you which bridges you to each other from Soul level.

More and more,  as the world awakens, people require more and want more from their Love Relationships. They want a spiritual type of connection.  A New Level of Relationship, and there is one!  That's where I come in!

Your Subtle Bodies are a part of you, commonly referred to as your aura, energy bodies, celestial bodies, or, as I like to term it for children, your FORCE FIELD.  This part of you, felt but unseen, is what keeps you and your True Love connected together.  Keeps you vital, alive and thriving, and in Love!

You can experience sensations, and symptoms as these Subtle Bodies adjust and conform back to each other, and away from other people you know or have known throughout history. It can be surreal, feel supernatural. Magical when its yours, a part of you, a welcoming relief of love returning to you. It happens again and again.

This is the important "Metaphysical" side. So is a Twin Flame “the ultimate”?, Yes, yet it is also the ONLY other half of your Soul.   Truly, you are in a process of unwinding, and disentangling yourself from your Past. I help your True Love when I help you.  Get cleaner, purified and whole again. 

Heal and learn Your Self and bypass all of the "narcissism" abandonment, rejection.  I help you prepare to Unify yourselves into one again and retaining your Unique Individuality.

The Three Areas I specialize in:

Twin Flame Breath ©

This is a great session for you!

There are levels to breath.  There is an entirely NEW level to respirate your human body and each other.  This is my modality of Spirit Subtle Body session and Twin Flame Breath (c). 

Breath strengthens your health, integrates and respirates your Spirit Body & Etheric body.  This is important in for both your human body and Etheric body. I will teach you Twin Flame Body (c) Breathwork exercises to help you feel your best Self and to relieve Deep and Daily stress/anxiety. Breathwork is also great if you have frequent respiratory illnesses.

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Twin Flame Relationships ©

This is a good session for intermediates!

Do you think you have met your Twin Flame? You have a God given birthright to be in Love. Its in your DNA.   I help activate this!   No longer can you carry around old relationship patterns, or stress.  I teach and dissipate these old ways so that there is only ONE DIRECTION: LOVE!!  Yes you deserve love with out all the baggage of your past relationships and/or traumas. I will help you clear this karma and help you Integrate the New Relationship Template from 5D!

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Emotional & Psyche

This is a good session for advanced level Twin Flames!

I am a Intuitive.  I have 9th DImensional gifts which enable me, in a very short time to pinpoint the exact event which put a couple under.  This is a gift not everybody can have.  I help heal the wounds, the traumas, and deep deterrents in emotional, sexual and intimate relationships of any type, leaving a person dysfunctional. Phobias, traumas, cataclysmic events.  This is the life that you can now truly clear. Sometimes you may feel symptoms that do not register medically. That is where I can help, because you are two people but One Soul.  I feel both of you even if working with one person.  I will work with you to heal andrelieve these symptoms.

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Psyche Body Session 

As part of your journey to love, have you suspected there are deeper issues that are blocking you or your true love?  Issues such as Abandonment, Inner child, loss, sorrow, grief, past traumas, or injuries. 



Spirit Subtle Body Session

Divine Union is possible here at the new level!
This is the brand new part of you! This is why you experience symptoms of purging, because the connection you have with your lover needs to feel fun, romance, excitement. The Spirit Subtle Body is the living bridge part that supports you in 2 dimensions. Choose this session for: Fun, Romance, Manifestation.


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