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Hello! Are you here to be in Love?? of course you are!

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019


I help people who want to be in love....not just any old relationship, but a beautiful, soulful, and soul connected one.  I am a 12th dimensional High-Level Healer and I hold the activations for the New Earth Connections, helping people to unlock and activate these.  I help you to activate the connection that is already deep inside you.  I provide people with the easiest way under the sun to eliminate the baggage of the past, the pain, discomfort, and traumas.  That is what you are here for, to be able to easily, through your Twin Flame Body.  I am here to help others to connect, divest to release and recover from what you purge.  To feel love rush in to your body, to support and bring you up.  


You already have lived as an ascended being, and you have lived in another place and time.  You are coming back together with your One True Love, in Oneness, driven by your soul, not the mind.  Yet, YOU must be the one to customize and transmute your own personal items that you share with your True Other Half.  I am a Prototyper, and a Transmuter and I help to teach you to be too. I am an Instructor, and Direct Channel of Light and Love  through my Sacred Union with my one beloved True Twin Flame. 

What is an  Illumined Angelic Twin Flame? This means someone who has "Lit up" the beginning of the 3D DNA activations on up to the higher dimensions.  Some people...

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