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About Me

I am a High-Level Healer who is an Illumined Twin Flame couple.  The Ray I carry is both the Blue which is Origin and the Golden which is the New Earth Connection.  I am here to help others to connect, divest the past, feel well again and healthy. Further, I help you to activate the connection that is already deep inside you.


You already have been an ascended being, yet, YOU must be the one to customize and transmute your own personal items that you share with your true other half.  I am a Prototyper, and a Transmuter and I help to teach you to be too. I am an Instructor, and Direct Channel of Light and Love through my Sacred Union with my One Beloved true Twin Flame. 


What is an  Illumined Angelic Twin Flame? This means someone who has "Lit up" the beginning of the 3D DNA activations on up to the higher dimensions.  Some are in it, some are starting this process. I have completed mine. This makes me an excellent teacher, having been through it. Twin Flames are birthed from love and can embody this love in a lower vibration wherever they are, yet lovers are from and belong to higher planes than this. 


How did I start? 

In 2003, through a series of really crashing Life events, I felt the call of my Soul to begin the Journey home to Love and began my work in earnest upon myself.  I had to divest myself of everything in my life and in my body that was unusable in order to be with my Twin. During my Journey, I've purged and learned quite a bit along the way which I feel very passionate about teaching.  I use my experiences and have developed teaching tools, classes and sessions to assist others and to be a resource and comfort. My modality helps! Gifts of Sympathetic feeling where a person needs to clear. My additional Gift of Feeling the "Masculine or Feminine" Counterpart enables me to provide deep insight into the Counterpart, their fears, and wounds. 


I started with Heart Chakra activations & Twin Flame Workshops & Reconnective Bodywork, Sessions since 2007.  I have twelve proud years of helping thousands of people plus my own family!


Become who you Truly Are, activate your new DNA, receive the Template.

Restore each other, to thrive, be NEW and In Love.


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