Twin Flame 5D Ascension Guide for 2021

Twin Flame 5D Ascension Guide for 2021

Hello!   I created this book to help many people, manifest, make sensible decisions and have an outline for what to expect in the year of 2021.  Please note that this is an E-book (at this time).


Contents of this book include:

- Twin Flame Journey 

- Love is a Decision 

- Budgeting for your Ascension 

- Prayer Wish for your Higher Self 

- The Budget 

- Retrogrades and Lunar - Energy and Reasons 

- Accountability - The Bar is Being Raised on us! 

- January Energies and Objectives 

- February Energies and Objectives 

- March Energies and Objectives 

- Equinox March 20th 2021 

- April Energies and Objective 

- May Energies and Objectives 

- June Energies and Objectives 

- Solstice June 21st 2021 

- July Energies and Objectives 

- August Energies - Objective and Lions Gate 

- September Energies and Equinox 

- October Energies and Objectives 

- November Energies and Objectives 

- December Energies and Objectives 

- Materials, Webinars to help you out 

- Resources to help you save 

- What NOT to do in 2021 


- Thank you!


Please watch for my newest group that I am creating to help you with your Journey!


Thank you for purchasing my book,  I look forward to answering any of your questions or meeting you in my group, or session.

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